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Professor Fiona Coyer
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Faculty of Health
Ms Lori Delaney
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Faculty of Health
Mr Paul Jarrett
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Faculty of Health


Pressure injuries (PIs) create a significant burden in the health care system. Up to 49% of critically ill patients develop PIs. Identifying and understanding potential risk factors is essential to the provision of effective targeted prevention strategies to mitigate risk. The objectives of this review are to:

  • identify patient-centred clinical factors that may be associated with PI development in adult intensive care
  • determine the effect size of the association between identified factors and PI development.

The systematic review will synthesise existing knowledge and make recommendations for future research.

Research activities

Research activities include:

  • literature search and review
  • data collection
  • data entry
  • data analysis
  • drafting or revising conference papers or journal articles.


This review will adhere to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses Protocol (PRISMA-P) statement. We will develop criteria for studies to be include din this review according to study design, clinical setting, participants, exposure and outcome.

We will work with a health librarian to craft a search strategy using key words and MeSH headings. We will create a data extraction form to include study characteristics, risk factors, both significant and non-significant in multivariate models. Risk of bias for prognostic studies will be assessed using Colemans (2013) tool.

We will work with a statistician on the meta-analysis. In the absence of clinical and methodological heterogenity statistical measures, the I2, will be used to determine the impact of heterogenity and study variance.

Skills and experience

You must have completed an introduction to research unit and have sound skills using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).



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