Responding to rapid changes in society to maintain liveability

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Master of Philosophy

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Dr Connie Susilawati
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
QUT Business School


Rapid changes in society demand prompt, innovative responses in order to maintain our quality of life.

Digital disruption has broadened the opportunities to unlock new economic and social opportunities within a shared and circular economy.

This research project aims to challenge the existing assumptions that constrains liveability using inter-generational thinking.

Research activities

Some of the research activities you will be participating in include:

  • exploring the changes in family and household structures over time, such as  our aging population trend.
  • exploring the existing  changes to property products and services to support people's livability in any stage of their life.
  • using an inter-generational approach to explore innovative ways to improve liveability.
  • combining the shared and circular economy approach for optimising ageing assets, infrastructures and properties.
  • exploring new opportunities for unlocking fixed assets using digital disruption.


The overall aim is to uncover innovative ways to unlock fixed assets to improve people's livability throughout the whole course of their life.

This broad aim can be divided into range of different research projects.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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