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Dr Hope Johnson
Senior Lecturer
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Faculty of Business & Law


Meat and dairy alternatives are positioned as the solution to issues with intensive animal agriculture. These alternatives have gained significant popularity and investment in Australia and globally. As new meat and dairy alternatives and processes enter the markets, stakeholders are calling on regulators to respond. This project will investigate how Australia plans to regulate the future of protein production and consumption. With support and guidance and no expectation of prior experience, you will perform a qualitative documentary analysis on submissions to a recent inquiry into meat and dairy alternatives in Australia. You will then participate in the writing-up of some of the findings gaining experience in socio-legal research. This research seeks to answer questions such as 'How are stakeholders framing the future of meat and dairy?', 'What problems were identified with meat and dairy alternatives?' and 'What kinds of regulatory responses are stakeholders seeking?'

Research activities

Qualitative documentary analysis of submissions: The student will be guided through the process of a qualitative discourse analysis. Part of this guidance will explain the broader project, and how to, more broadly, conduct socio-legal research. If there is time, the student will perform a small literature review on recent research on meat and dairy alternatives and the law.

This project is expected to run for 20 hours a week, for 6 weeks.


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