Study level

  • Vacation research experience scheme


Topic status

In progress.

Research centre

External supervisors

  • Adjunct Professor Bryan Day, QIMR Berghofer
  • Lachlan Harris, QIMR Berghofer


Aims and Methodology

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and malignant primary brain tumour in adults. GBM is deadly because of resistant glioma stem cells that reconstitute the tumour after treatment. Glioma stem cells resist chemotherapy in part because they are quiescent (slow-dividing), whereas chemotherapy primarily targets fast-dividing cells. In this project we will test targeted molecules to inhibit quiescence, forcing glioma stem cells to divide during chemotherapy to prevent tumour recurrence.

Applicants can expect to gain experience in tissue culture, microscopy, data analysis and to deepen their understanding of brain cancers.

Location of Research

QIMR Berghofer (Herston)

Research activities

Laboratory experiments, Data collection, Data analysis

Skills and experience

Applicants who are enthusiastic about the project and have a good academic record. Experience in a research setting preferred but not required.

Resources / Access

Supervision and training, lab space, computer desk



Contact the supervisor for more information: Adjunct Professor Bryan Day is the principal supervisor.