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Dr Patrick Hayman
Senior Lecturer
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Faculty of Science


The further back in time, evidence for the hallmark of plate tectonics - the volcanic arc - becomes increasingly fragmentary and reliant on geochemistry. Research through the West African Exploration Initiative has identified one of the best preserved ancient arcs, the ~2.3 billion year-old Toumodi sequence in the Ivory Coast. This research project feeds into better characterising this volcanic arc and associated elements to the arc. The VRES project will examine minerals contained in lavas to probe the mid crust. 

Research activities

The VRES student will do some of the following:

  • Petrographic analysis of thin sections
  • XRD of minerals
  • Geochemical modelling using MELTS 


The aim of this project is to constrain the depths of magma storage 

Skills and experience

The VRES student needs to be in the Earth Science major and preference will be given to those in the Geology minor and have taken ERB301 (Chemical Earth).


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