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Dr Sarina Sarina
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


Light irradiation is commonly accepted to be the best stimulus to artificially stimulate chemical systems. Over the past few decades tremendous progress has been made in the synthesis and application of photo switchable catalysts with the capability of gaining control over when and where bond formations and dissociations take place in molecules. On an environmentally friendly plasmonic metal nanoparticle surface, light irradiation can change the reactants adsorption on the surface, and thus change the relative ratio of the reactants for reaction.

Research activities

In this project, we plan to investigate the wavelength dependent adsorption of molecules on metal nanoparticle surface by measuring plasmonic trapping process. Different compounds are applied as target molecules to show selective adsorption on plasmonic metal surface when irradiated with different wavelengths. Based on the results, a wavelength dependent selective functionalization of film surface method will be developed.


Develop a new method of biofilm surface functionalization technology by light and plasmonic electromagnetic field, with high selectivity and efficiency.


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