Plasma nanotechnology

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Professor Ken Ostrikov
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Plasma nanoscience and nanotechnology is a rapidly emerging multidisciplinary research topic focusing on physical, chemical, and biological effects of low-temperature plasmas.

Research activities

This research will focus on the effects of an ionized cocktail made up of reactive species generated in gas discharges under different conditions, ranging from low-pressure vacuum chambers for computer microchip manufacturing, to ambient, room temperatures for the treatment of biological objects.

Some of the processes of interest include atomic precision and nanoscale texturing of solid organic and inorganic surfaces for applications in energy storage, environmental sensing, biomedical, electronic, photovoltaic, as well as other functionalities and devices.


The outcomes of this research will be in the better understanding and applications of the unique plasma-specific effects which lead to the unusual structure, properties, and performance of the materials that are newly created or modified using precise, economic, and environment-friendly plasma technologies.

Skills and experience

Specific research foci and milestones will be personalised to satisfy your skills, experience, interests, abilities and other preferences, e.g., a mix of disciplines, experimental, theoretical, and engineering work.

The supervisory team will be assembled by involving the best available experts in relevant areas, internally, externally to QUT, across the large international network led by Professor Ostrikov. The primary base of the projects will be through the CSIRO-QUT Joint Sustainable Processes and Devices Laboratory, IHBI, and TRI, with multiple opportunities for industry collaborations and placements to world-leading laboratories internationally.

These and several other opportunities exist under the leadership of Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov, a Foreign Member of the Academy of Europe and international pioneer and leader in Plasma Nanoscience.


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