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Professor Ken Ostrikov
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Plasma medicine is a rapidly emerging multidisciplinary research topic focusing on various treatments of diseases using low-temperature plasmas generated in gases using electric fields.

Research activities

This project will focus on an ionized cocktail of reactive species generated in gas discharges in ambient air, at room temperatures. The resulting mixture is harmless to the body, and helps treat disease. Example methods include using cell culture or tissue, or possibly animal models. From this, we can understand the associated physico-chemical, biological and bio-chemical mechanisms of the plasma action.


The expected outcomes of the research are to better understand the effects of treatments, which include

  • sterilisation and blood coagulation in wound healing
  • sterilisation of tooth root canals
  • control of stem cells in regenerative medicine
  • selective killing of cancer cells without harming normal cells in tumour treatments.

Skills and experience

Specific research focuses and milestones will be personalized to satisfy your interests, abilities and other preferences.

The supervisory team will be assembled by involving experts across the large international network led by Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov. Professor Ostrikov is a Foreign Member of the Academy of Europe, Foreign Fellow of the European Academy of Science and international pioneer and leader in plasma nanoscience..

This and several other opportunities under the leadership of Professor Ostrikov offer multiple opportunities for industry collaborations and placements to world-leading laboratories internationally.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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