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Professor Ken Ostrikov
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Plasma agricultural, food and biotechnologies is a rapidly emerging multidisciplinary research and development topic focusing on the development of novel advanced technologies for the:

  • improvement of quality and yield of agricultural produce
  • decontamination and sterilization of food
  • bio-synthesis of additives for food and drink production
  • bio-synthesis of enzymes of relevance to food, hygiene, pharmaceutical and other areas.

Research activities

This research focuses on an ionized cocktail of reactive species generated in gas discharges under different conditions ranging from pressure-controlled (low or high-pressure) chambers to ambient air and room temperatures for the treatment of biological objects.


We expect to learn more about certain processes, including:

  • low-temperature plasma food/drink sterilization
  • plasma-induced mutagenesis of microorganisms
  • boosting germination and growth of agricultural plants
  • improving the efficiency of fish egg fertilization
  • fish growth.

Skills and experience

Specific research focuses and milestones will be personalized to satisfy your interests, abilities and other preferences.

The supervisory team will be assembled by involving experts across the large international network led by Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov. Professor Ostrikov is a Foreign Member of the Academy of Europe, Foreign Fellow of the European Academy of Science and international pioneer and leader in plasma nanoscience..

This and several other opportunities under the leadership of Professor Ostrikov offer multiple opportunities for industry collaborations and placements to world-leading laboratories internationally.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

Annual scholarship round


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