Patient imaging for total skin electron therapy dose calculations

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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Adjunct Associate Professor Scott Crowe
Adjunct Associate Professor
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Total skin electron therapy is used in the treatment of mycosis fungoides, a type of T-cell lymphoma characterised by skin rashes.

At the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, this is treated using the Stanford Technique, wherein the patient stands adopts a series of poses to expose almost all of their skin to electron beams.

Currently no treatment planning system is used for a full dose calculation. To perform such a dose calculation, images of the patient in each pose would be required.

Preliminary work completed within the department suggests that optical scanning/photogrammetry may provide suitable images for use in Monte Carlo dose calculations.

This project will evaluate the use of images of volunteers acquired with the photogrammetry system in the QUT Creative Industries Precinct as a basis for Monte Carlo dose calculations.

Research activities

This research project will involve you performing the following:

  • photogrammetry of participants, including optimisation of acquisition process
  • processing and modifying the photogrammetry data.
  • converting said data to voxel-based data suitable for dose calculation.
  • assisting with the Monte Carlo simulations (expertise exists within clinical department).


Upon completing the project, we expect to have achieved the following:

  • instructions for replicating the process
  • data that can be used for future dosimetry studies
  • a potential write-up of results of dosimetry studies for publication.

Skills and experience

You should have a level of familiarity with 3D modelling. We also prefer if you have experience with optical scanning/photogrammetry.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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