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Professor Nunzio Motta
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Graphene has attracted a great deal of interest due to its remarkable electronic, optical and mechanical properties. However the absence of a bandgap limits its use in many applications.

Future applications in nanoelectronics will depend critically on the development of novel approaches to introduce a bandgap while preserving carrier mobility. An example includes stacking graphene with other two-dimensional (2D) materials with complementary properties.

This project will look at systematically refining the integration of different 2D materials with graphene grown epitaxially on silicon carbide (SiC).

Research activities

Specific research activities include:

  • growing high quality graphene on SiC substrates by high temperature annealing
  • synthesising of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMD) films by chemical vapour deposition in a tube furnace
  • scanning tunneling microscopy, spectroscopy and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
  • theoretical simulation and modeling.


We expect outcomes from this research to include:

  • understanding the kinetics and thermodynamics of the growth processes
  • obtaining large area monolayer films of TMD on graphene/SiC substrates
  • demonstrating the device capabilities of the 2D heterostructures grown directly on SiC.

Skills and experience

A strong background in physics, chemistry or material science is required for PhD applicants.

You'll work in a well-established, highly collaborative research group environment, using the most advanced instrumentation available at CARF. This will provide you with the opportunity for an effective and rich learning experience.



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