Multi-level process mining

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Dr Sander Leemans
Lecturer in Business Process Management
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Process mining aims to derive information from historical behaviour of processes in organisations which has been recorded in event logs. Business analysts use process mining software to visualise logs and derive information and insights for managers. Ultimately, this information is used to improve processes to, for instance, optimise costs, time and/or the environment. Process mining is an exciting field with lots of opportunity for research and with many successful commercial solutions being offered.

Business process models describe one case, such as a single customer, claim, registration or order. Thus process mining techniques also focus on one level of cases.

In practice, many processes and event logs consider multiple levels of cases:

  • a customer might lodge several claims
  • a claim might have several components
  • a registration might result in several orders
  • an order might result in several shipments.

Current process techniques are not capable of handling multi-level event logs, which means that, if possible, all levels must be considered in isolation.

In order to enable insights into these multi-level processes, process mining techniques need to be adapted to handle such event logs and process models.

Research activities

In this project, we aim to come up with new process mining techniques to handle multi-level event logs and process models:

  • What data attributes do we need/can we use to determine whether an event log was recorded from a multi-level process?
  • How can we automatically discover multi-level process models from event logs?
  • How can we assess the quality of such a model with respect to an event log (conformance checking)?
  • How can we measure the performance of a multi-level process?

Depending on your level of study, one or more of these questions can be addressed.


All of the mentioned research activities are on the edge of current scientific knowledge.  Therefore, we expect to publish the performed research in top conferences and journal articles.


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