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Vacation research experience scheme


Science and Engineering Faculty

School of Electrical Engineering and Robotics

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Dr Chris Lehnert
Lecturer in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


This research is focused on robotic grasping and agricultural robotics.

Research activities

In this project you will use novel multi-perspective camera arrays and learning-based methods, such as reinforcement learning, to enable a robot to choose the direction which optimises the visual information of a scene.


This project aims to develop novel method for robots to move their perception system more intelligently for finding targets in highly occluded and unstructured environments.

There has been a lot of recent interest in machine learning and reinforcement learning which has the potential to enable robots to learn to do complex tasks that are hard to program directly.

Specifically, using novel multi-perspective camera arrays and learning based methods such as reinforcement learning this project aims to enable a robot to choose the direction which optimises the visual information of the scene. This has applications in standard robotic pick and place environments but in more challenging unstructured and natural environments such as agriculture.

Skills and experience

You should skills and experience in:

  • mechatronics
  • electrical PCB design
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Python
  • computer vision
  • visual serving and control
  • robotic inverse kinematics and planning.



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