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Dr Andrew Fielding
Senior Lecturer
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Various research projects are available in the use of monte-carlo techniques in radiotherapy and medical imaging. These include:

  • modelling radiotherapy linear accelerators
  • patient dosimetric verification and
  • in-vivo treatment verification
  • radiobiology and micro-dosimetry.

Some of the widely available monte-carlo codes are used in our research group including TOPAS, EGSnrc, and PRIMO.

Research activities

You will work in a multi-disciplinary team of clinical medical physicists, clinicians and radiation therapists.

Your work will involve experimental measurements, computational simulation and data analysis.


Our projects all aim to improve the understanding of the accuracy and precision of radiation therapy planning and delivery and the macroscopic and microscopic level. Ultimately the projects aim to have an impact on treatment outcomes, improving tumour control and reducing side effects.

Skills and experience

Prior study with knowledge and skills in any of the following will be considered valuable:

  • physics
  • mathematics
  • computer science
  • electrical engineering
  • medical engineering.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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