Modelling and simulation of industrial processes and products

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Master of Philosophy


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Professor Troy Farrell
Deputy Dean
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


Industrial processes and products can be described as 'multi-problems' in that they are often multi-scale, multi-phase and multi-component in nature. The analysis of such problems sits in the exciting nexus of applied mathematics, physical science and engineering science.

Research activities

We are offering opportunities to develop and analyse cutting-edge continuum and discrete models and simulation codes of industrial multi-problems using the following mathematical tools:

  • calculus
  • differential equations
  • asymptotic methods
  • continuum and statistical mechanics
  • computational simulation.


Some of the industrially-motivated project areas include:

  • using mathematics to help develop and evaluate new energy storage materials for the batteries and solar cells of tomorrow
  • facilitating the efficient production of biofuel from sugarcane bagasse
  • optimising the drying of food to prevent spoilage.


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