Mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites

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Master of Philosophy

Vacation research experience scheme

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Professor YuanTong Gu
Head of School, Mechanical, Medical and Process Engineering
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty
Dr Haifei Zhan
Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


Polymer nanocomposite is one of the areas that receiving extensive academic and industry attention due to their intriguing properties and novel applications. There is an increasing interest to design nanocomposites with excellent mechanical properties by adding nanofillers. However, from the experimental perspective, the design process is very slow based on a trial and error process. In this regard, the application of high performance computing can greatly accelerate the design of novel nanocomposite.

Research activities

While participating in this research project you will:

  • work with one of the largest computational and modelling groups in Australia
  • use high performance computing and molecular dynamics simulations.
  • work on machine learning-based material design.


As a result of the research project, we are looking to establish the relationship between the properties of the nanocomposite with the selected filler contents.

We also seek to successfully realise:

  • high-throughput modelling
  • high-throughput atomistic simulation
  • on-demand nanocomposite design.

Skills and experience

To be considered for this project, you should have a mechanical, material and programming background.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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