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Dr Jerome Ramirez
Postdoctoral Fellow in Bioprocess Engineering
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering


Although biotechnology microbial products may embody specialised technology, the use of these products are common not only in research and industry but also in household uses. Processes such as baking, brewing and pickling use microbial products to produce food and beverage. This project will look at how these products are supplied and sold to customers without specialised biotechnology knowledge.

Research activities

The project will review the current supply chain and markets for these microbial products and determine the factors that led to their success (or demise). Influences such as biosafety, food safety and environmental impacts will be investigated. This is a desktop study involving information retrieval, organisation of data, visualisation and synthesis to draw conclusions about the topic.


This approach can hopefully inform the design and emergence of future markets in synthetic biology by building on strengths and improving the shortcomings of current markets.

Skills and experience

This project is suitable for aspiring engineers, scientists or business students who are interested in biotechnology, synthetic biology, or biochemical engineering.



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