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Dr Araz (Mohammad) Jabbari
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Information technology is always a key factor in managing and organising working processes and plays a fundamental role in business architecture and capabilities. Nowadays, new forms of information technology and advanced technologies have emerged which impact on all parameters of organisational structure. Traditional coordination mechanisms require characteristics due to the application of advance technologies. Hyperautomation offers the possibilities for integration of a much larger scope of organisational activities in one coordinated process.

In this research you will investigate how hyperautomation impacts on coordination mechanisms.

Research activities

A PhD thesis in this area will involve theoretical and empirical studies to explore the impact of hyperautomation on coordination mechanisms.

Master or honours thesis in this area will involve empirical studies to the impact of hyperautomation on coordination mechanisms.

VRES student projects can involve design work or literature reviews in this area.


Thesis and research publications, depending on your study level.

Skills and experience

You should have a background in information systems, computer science or any related areas.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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