How to choose the right NoSQL database for your application?

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Dr Kanika Goel
Associate Lecturer
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Relational databases have consistently been the default choice for serious data storage. Relational databases provide many advantages, but are by no means perfect. They face issues with scalability, responsiveness and storage of different data types.

On the contrary, with the rise of big data, the need to handle voluminous and heterogeneous data is becoming increasingly significant. NoSQL databases provide a platform to store and transact such data. They are open-source, schema-less, built for the 21st century data and run well on clusters.

Various types of NoSQL databases have emerged:

  • document databases
  • graph databases
  • column databases and more.

With the emergence and popularity of different NoSQL databases a clear understanding of the architecture of the databases is required to ensure an appropriate database is chosen for an application.

This project aims to investigate which NoSQL database is the best under given circumstances of an application.

Research activities

You will work with your project supervisor in an area of potential contribution to theory and practice.

This project involves the following:

  1. a literature review of the architecture of the different types of NoSQL databases
  2. development of scenarios to explain the suitability of a NoSQL database.


As a result of this project, we expect to achieve the following:

  1. an in-depth understanding of the architecture of different NoSQL databases
  2. a clear understanding of which NoSQL database is the best under particular circumstances.

Skills and experience

For the project, we prefer if you have some prior knowledge related to databases.



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