High performance computational methods for transport problems

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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Professor Timothy Moroney
Professor in Mathematics
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Problems of heat and mass transport are ubiquitous in Science and Engineering. These processes are described by partial differential equations stemming from the physical principles of mass, momentum and energy conservation.

A wide spectrum of models and associated algorithms and numerical methods can be found in this field, but a commonality they nearly all share is the heavy computational workload they require when simulating problems with high resolution.

Thus, there is always a need for new developments in the field of high performance computing to enable increasingly complex problems of this nature to be solved in reasonable time.

Research activities

This project would involve designing and implementing computational methods on high performance computing facilities, utilising paradigms such as distributed computing and GPU computing.


New insights, understanding, software, published articles.

Skills and experience


  • Software development experience in compiled programming languages.

Desired (some or all of):

  • experience with C++
  • CUDA
  • Linux
  • partial differential equations
  • finite volume methods


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