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Dr Rachel Pepper
Research Fellow
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Faculty of Engineering


Capturing excess CO2 from the atmosphere or anthropogenic emissions is key to minimising a warming climate. However, a major barrier to implementing carbon capture is the cost associated with current technologies. Therefore, development of high performance and economical materials to capture excess carbon is of great interest.

Research activities

This project takes inspiration from the natural affinity of certain enzymes for CO2 to develop new adsorbents by functionalising the surfaces of cheap support materials with metal hydroxide active sites.

Specific research activities include:

  • synthesis of metal hydroxide adsorbent materials
  • functionalisation of support surfaces with active metal hydroxide sites
  • physical characterisation of materials
  • performance testing
  • modelling of experimental data.


This project is expected to:

  • demonstrate effectiveness of metal hydroxide adsorbents for CO2 capture and remediation
  • develop methods to functionalise surfaces of cheap support materials with metal hydroxide active sites
  • link adsorbent performance with material characteristics.

Skills and experience

Students should be interested in chemistry or chemical engineering, and have an aptitude for practical problem solving. Students should ideally have practical laboratory skills and experience with wet chemical experimentation and data processing.


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