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Dr Sarah Walden
Postdoctoral Fellow
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Faculty of Science


Light has many benefits as a manufacturing tool, including precise spatio-temporal control and simple tailoring of the delivered energy by changing the colour of the light. For these, and many other reasons, light-based printing is considered fundamental in advanced manufacturing moving forward into Industry 4.0.

In order to improve the speed and efficiency of light-based 3D printing it is important to determine the optimal conditions for the specific material being printed. In particular light based 3D printing utilising a tightly focussed laser beam to produce a small region of high intensity where printing takes place. Not all molecules respond to the high intensity light in predictable ways.

Research activities

In this project you will investigate the optical properties and reactivity of different molecular systems when irradiated with different colours of light. This is achieved by using a tightly focussed laser beam and translating the sample to probe the behaviour at different intensities and with different wavelengths.


The knowledge gained in this project will reveal the best manufacturing conditions to use for fast, efficient printing of objects on the microscale.

Skills and experience

Basic knowledge of optics and photo-physics.


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