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Guided process analytics for actionable improvement recommendations

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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Science and Engineering Faculty

School of Information Systems

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Dr Chun Ouyang
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


Process analytics nowadays mainly comprises data-driven analysis of business processes using the massive amount of event log data captured by information systems in the organisations. Various analytical techniques have been developed to help extract insights about the actual business processes with the ultimate goal of process improvement.

However, in the ‘big data’ era we often face the problem that there is too much data to analyse (e.g. “drown in the data” rather than lack of data). Without a clear objective for analysis, the tasks such as extracting the relevant data, analysing data, and interpreting the results can be not only time consuming but also unfruitful.

Hence, we introduce a new concept called ‘guided process analytics’ to refer to data-driven process analysis initiatives that are motivated by and aim for recommendations of specific process improvement actions.

Research activities

This research project may span to a research program. The research activities are of an explorative nature and can be scoped to cater for different types of research student projects. They will start from a literature review on state-of-the-art process analytics approaches and techniques and how they are used to inform process improvement recommendations.


  • A systematic literature review as discussed above
  • An initial proposal of ‘guided process analytics’ motivated by and serve the purpose of recommending process improvement actions

Skills and experience

  • Familiarity with the fields of data mining, process analytics, and process improvement/redesign
  • Reasonable writing skills
  • Problem-solving and logical thinking capabilities
  • Computer programming skills


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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