GUI-based monitoring and control of a surgical robot

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Associate Professor Thierry Peynot
Associate Professor and Mining3 Chair in Mining Robotics
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Science and Engineering Faculty


The Medical and Healthcare Robotics Group at QUT is currently researching on vision-guided robotic devices to assist surgeons in performing better and safer surgeries.

Within our group, a number of software tools for monitoring and controlling a surgical robot are available. However an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) is missing.

Such an interface would allow surgeons and engineers to easily command predefined functions of the surgical system. Furthermore, during current trials on cadavers such a graphical interface is likely to improve both the speed and quality of the experimental data.

Research activities

Some of your research activities will include:

  • understanding and investigating some of the current and potential functions of our surgical robotic assistant for knee arthroscopy
  • becoming familiar with the Robot Operating System (ROS) and design the GUI layout
  • programming the GUI's back-end to connect to the existing services and software, including:
    • inertial sensors
    • an infrared-based tracking system
    • assorted cameras
    • Jaco V2 robot.

The GUI should then provide an easy way to monitor information from cameras and sensors while also allowing to send basic motion commands to the robot.


The outcome of the project is a GUI that connects to several independent subsystems running over the Robot Operating System (ROS) middleware.

The GUI should allow monitoring sensor subsystems such as cameras or inertial measurement units (IMUs).

The information is to be displayed in the most appropriate and visually-friendly format. Furthermore, the GUI should allow sending basic motion commands and pre-planed trajectories to a robot.

Skills and experience

  • Programming experience with C/C++ or Python is required.
  • Programming experience with QtCreator and ROS is strongly suggested.



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