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Dr Simon Denman
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering
Dr Harshala Gammulle
Research Fellow
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering
Dr Paul Wu
Senior Lecturer in Statistical Data Science
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


Within a team sports environment, coordinated behaviours between teammates are crucial to success. To accurately detect and correctly classify group behaviours, the actions of the individuals must be considered. Within a sporting environment the problem is further complicated by the presence of an opposing team, who are seeking to counter and disrupt the other team.

While there is a substantial volume of research concerning activity detection and related tasks such as segmentation and anticipation from video footage, these tasks are less explored in a group environment, where activities of individuals combine to achieve a common goal.

This project will investigate how the activities of a group can be classified from video, by consider the actions/positions of the players from both teams.

Research activities

As part of the research project, you will:

  • investigate and deploy machine learning algorithms for group activity detection and explore how identification and individuals and their behaviours can aid group activity prediction.
  • investigate improvements to the deployed algorithms to enhance performance.
  • benchmark developed algorithms and measure accuracy/performance.

Exact task details will be determined in consultation with the project supervisors.


The outcomes of this work will include:

  • one or more algorithms that are trained and evaluated on sports video data;
  • performance benchmarks for the deployed algorithm(s).

Skills and experience

Strong programming experience, especially with Python, is ideal.

Some prior machine learning or computer vision experience is desirable, but not mandatory.


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