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  • Honours
  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Dr Vivien Challis
Lecturer in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science
Professor Emilie Sauret
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering


The lattice Boltzmann method has recently gained popularity for modelling complex fluid​ dynamics including in microfluidics and bio-engineering. The method is computationally expensive, especially for 3D calculations.

The aim of this project is to benchmark the open-source TCLB code for the Lattice Boltzmann method against the codes currently used here at QUT to model flow phenomena. We particularly want to leverage the GPU capabilities of the TCLB code to reduce computational time.

Research activities

In this project you will:

  • learn how to use the TCLB code to model the four-roll mill test case with the Lattice Boltzmann method
  • benchmark the TCLB code, including its GPU capabilities, against other codes already in use at QUT
  • read recent research in the area and compare your results with literature
  • write up your progress and regularly meet with your supervisory team.


From this research we expect to have new ways of running computationally efficient Lattice Boltzmann computations that can be used to improve our understanding of flow phenomena.

Skills and experience

This project can be tailored your interests and study.

You'll need to have an interest in computational modelling and scientific programming/high performance computing.

Some background in fluid dynamics, numerical methods and/or programming is preferable.



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