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Dr Annette Quayle
Senior Lecturer
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Faculty of Business & Law


This project aims to improve the integrity and financial accountability of local government by developing an enhanced governance framework for local government. The first part of the project involves mapping local government failures across Australia.

Over the last seven years, eighteen local councils have been sacked because of fraud, corruption, financial mismanagement and behavioural problems. For example, Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) uncovered long term corrupt conduct involving elected councillors and senior executives across four local government authorities. While the CCC only examined four councils, it found corruption, to varying degrees in each of them. The CCC identified significant governance failures and cultural issues that enabled corruption to occur and suggests this would not have happened "in an environment in which the values of transparency, accountability, and good governance were paramount".

The question is: what are the reasons for these significant and ongoing problems, and how can we improve governance processes to solve them?

Research activities

Research activities during this project may include:

  • a literature review
  • a case study
  • qualitative research
  • participating in writing a scholarly paper.


The project will involve online research, doing a literature review and data analysis of results. Your supervisor will provide guidance and training throughout the project and you will be contributing to a published research report.


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