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Professor Mahen Mahendran
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Faculty of Engineering


This project will investigate how Light Gauge Steel Framing (LSF) wall systems behave during a fire. This experiment will account for practical issues in construction, including floor-to-wall connections and service penetrations.

It will include practical and theoretical assessment of a series of realistic connection and service penetration types that are currently used in buildings. We aim to understand how these differences affect fire resistance.

Research activities

As part of this research you will:

  • review realistic connection and service penetration types used in LSF wall systems.
  • conduct small-scale fire resistance tests on a series of LSF wall systems.
  • validate small-scale fire resistance tests using advanced computer modelling.
  • determine how these types of connections and services affect the fire resistance of LSF wall systems.


Upon concluding this research, we expect to use the data from our experiments to rate the fire resistance of LSF wall systems.



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