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Master of Philosophy

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Queensland University of Technology

Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

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Professor Per Davidsson
Professor and Talbot Family Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship
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QUT Business School


It is widely acknowledged that new technologies, demographic and socioeconomic shifts, regulatory changes, social movements and changes to the natural environment significantly influence the viability of particular new ventures. While some previous studies have documented how individual instances of such changes have stimulated entrepreneurial initiatives, a unifying theory has been lacking. Entrepreneurship research has also struggled with making progress on this topic under the dominant notion of “objective, pre-existing opportunities”. Researchers at ACE have recently pioneered a new approach to capturing the influence of such environmental changes on entrepreneurial processes and outcomes under the notion of “external enablers”. Further conceptual and empirical work on external enablers will help researchers and practitioners to identify the specific ways in which external changes can benefit particular ventures and types of entrepreneurial agents. We now aim to continue to develop theoretical leadership and empirical testing in this very promising area of entrepreneurship research.

Students interested in this topic are encouraged to consult the following studies before crafting their application (available from authors if not available online).


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