Study level

  • Vacation research experience scheme


Topic status

In progress.

Research centre

External supervisors

  • A/Professor Andreas Moller, QIMR Berghofer
  • Dr Luize Goncalves Lima, QIMR Berghofer


Aims and Methodology

Our team investigates specific mechanisms in which cancer cells communicate with the environment in order to promote disease progression. In particular, we aim to understand the processes employed by cancer-derived small extracellular vesicles, termed exosomes, to promote the spread of cancer cells from the primary site to distal organs. Additionally, our group analyses the molecular composition of exosomes isolated from the blood of cancer patients, in order to establish innovative cancer-specific signatures that will ultimately improve cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Skills to be learned:

  • general laboratory techniques
  • cell culture
  • ultrafiltration and size exclusion chromatography
  • immunodetection of proteins
  • experimental data collection and analysis.

Location of Research

QIMR Berghofer (Herston)

Research activities

  • laboratory experiments
  • data collection
  • data analysis.


The student is expected to either write a brief report or deliver a brief oral presentation at the end of the project (to be determined).

Skills and experience

  • knowledge of basic aseptic laboratory techniques
  • cell culture experience is preferred but not essential.



Contact the supervisor for more information:

A/Professor Andreas Moller is the principal supervisor.