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Dr Charmaine Glavas
Senior Lecturer
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Faculty of Business & Law


Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in economic development, job creation, and social welfare. However, entrepreneurial behaviors are not growing as quickly as expected (Randerson et al., 2020).

Despite previous research attention being paid to the role of individuals as key actors within the process of entrepreneurial internationalisation, research (see for example, McDougall, Shane, and Oviatt, 1994) points out that international business studies have focused greatly on analysis of the firm, largely ignoring the individual and small group level of analysis.

Additionally, a key challenge in the international business domain is to analyse how behavioural and cognitive characteristics of individuals influence decision-making preferences which cascade into entrepreneurial roles of international opportunity formation and exploitation (Zucchella, 2021).

Given enterprising individuals play a key role in establishing new firms and rejuvenating existing ventures this research will uncover new perspectives about entrepreneurial cognition and behavior in internationalisation.


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