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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme


Science and Engineering Faculty

School of Information Systems

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Dr Araz (Mohammad) Jabbari
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Science and Engineering Faculty


System analysis and design mainly starts with graphical representations of relevant features of a real-world domain, such as data or process models, to improve communication and analysis of information systems.

When a system is complex, multiple models are needed to capture different aspects of a system. Different conceptual models may develop using different grammars, methods, and tools.

Research activities

Your involvement in this project will depend on your study level.

Your master or honours thesis will involve empirical studies to explore and examine the use of multiple models in practice.

If you're undertaking a VRES projects, you'll undertake design works or literature reviews in this area.


This research project should result in a written thesis.

Skills and experience

You should have good knowledge and skills in systems analysis and design methods.

You will develop skills in different research methods including experiments.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

Annual scholarship round



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