Energy Storage Supercapacitors

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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Professor Hongxia Wang
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Supercapacitors, also called electrochemical capacitors, are a type of energy storage system that are complimentary to batteries; enabling fast energy release (high power density) and over ten thousands cycles.

Our research is trying to enhance the energy density of the supercapacitors by designing new electrode materials with tailored nanostructure and composition. This is achieved by taking advantage of the Faradaic charge transfer of transition metal compound or composites or by anionic chemistry in solution.

Research activities

You will be working with our dynamic research team and be involved in research activities such as:

  • synthesis of materials with controlled nanostructure, morphology, composition which will lead to improved electrochemical properties
  • studying the electrochemical properties of the materials
  • assembly of supercapacitors both on normal or flexible substrates.


The outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • high-performance supercapacitors using cost-effective materials
  • enhanced understanding of the electrochemistry involved in the device.

Skills and experience

You should have a good background in chemistry, physics or material science.

While not mandatory, previous research in a related research area is preferred.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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