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  • Vacation research experience scheme


Faculty of Science

School of Computer Science

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Professor Raja Jurdak
Professor of Distributed Systems & Chair in Applied Data Sciences
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science
Dr Gowri Ramachandran
Research Fellow in Distributed Systems, Blockchain and Internet of Things
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


Distributed applications in the domain of bush fire monitoring and connected vehicles expect to operate in a highly dynamic environment with unpredictable mobility, computation, and communication patterns. This project aims to create an extreme distributed computing environment using our 20-node Raspberry Pi testbed, involving Bluetooth, WiFi, and mobile devices (Raspberry Pi or mobile phones).

Research activities

You are expected to focus on the following issues:

  • Survey the literature to identify extreme distributed application environments and list down the challenges and requirements for each application
  • develop a few extreme distributed computing scenarios with tight computation demand, latency, response time, and battery constraints
  • demonstrate a few scenarios using Raspberry Pi and present empirical results highlighting the challenges.


We plan to write a research article describing the findings of this work. This project has immense potential for future research if the research activities are carried out diligently. It may also lead to a testbed for distributed computing in extreme environments.

Skills and experience

  • Willingness to work on new areas and challenging problems
  • desire to read papers, develop software designs, and write software
  • ability to code in Python or similar languages
  • knowledge of mail servers would be a big plus
  • GitHub experience would be an advantage.



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