Development of structural walling system using interlockable dry stack concrete blocks

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Vacation research experience scheme

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External supervisors

  • Arlene Nardone, Engineering Manager, Adbri Masonry


Structural/ non-structural walls add significantly to construction cost and time; one of the main contributors to this is the need for highly skilled masons whose number is on the decline. This situation adds to the woes of housing affordability particularly to the younger generation in Australia. With a view to addressing this problem, Adbri Masonry has developed an interlocking dry stackable hollow concrete blocks and obtained international patent. These blocks can be used as lego blocks by semi/unskilled labour for the construction of walls. This project aims at examining the structural response of such walls to lateral and vertical loading and suggest methods of improving its structural adequacy.

Research activities

The research involves comprehensive literature search and classify the collection into structural and construction aspects. Through innovative ideas, the students will be able to bring new methods of imparting integrity to the walling systeman explore them using Finite Element modelling method and /or solid works.  They will have opportunity to work on their ideas using the patented product and carry out experiments in QUT Structures Lab, Banyo. Where successful ideas are adequately validated, the would have opportunity to patent their ideas.


  • The aim is to reduce the cost of structural/ non-structural walls to enhance housing affordability.
  • The expected outcome is either a patent for innovative construction method or several high quality publications and theses.

Skills and experience

Topic is suitable to Vacation Research Scholarship applicants/ Honours (Final Year Project EGH400-1 and 2)  from Civil/ Structural or Civil/ Construction or Mechanical design majors.

PhD students will normally have Master qualification in structural engineering and will have excellent UG academic record in Civil or Mechanical Engineering. They may also have journal publication and demonstrated high level of English skill.



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