Development of smart packaging materials from biomass

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Professor William Doherty
Principal Research Fellow
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Science and Engineering Faculty
Dr Lalehvash Moghaddam
Research Fellow
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


There are increasing environmental problem associated with the durable and long lasting plastics from fossil resources accumulating and not breaking down in the environment. The growing demand by the general public to reduce carbon footprints and issues surrounding the disposal of fossil-based plastics have led stringent government legislations that have driven manufacturers to increase investment in biodegradable compostable materials.

Total consumption of biodegradable polymers is growing by 15% annually around the world. However, high prices and limited application have stifled growth.Smart packaging materials with sensors will be developed including the use nanomaterials.

Research activities

Study the use of green chemistry to design biodegradable films of improved physical and chemical properties and the introduction of nano-materials for intelligent packaging.


The outcome of this research will be to produce nontoxic biodegradable and relatively inexpensive composites and films.


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