Development of functional, nanostructured materials

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Master of Philosophy

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Dr Tuquabo Tesfamichael
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


In this project, we are looking to develop:

  • a highly sensitive and selective metal oxide thin film gas sensing device
  • an efficient and stable perovskite solar cell using metal oxide thin films.

Research activities

This project will involve significant time in QUT-based laboratories and will require the use of advanced equipment for the film development and characterisations.


As a result of this project, we expect to better understand the deposition of various films using different analytical techniques.

Skills and experience

To get the most of of your research project, you need to behighly motivated and dedicated. You will be highly considered for this project if you have a background in material science, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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