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  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours
  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Dr Reihaneh Bidar
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The purpose of this research is to provide a methodology to detect and mitigate destructive patterns that are generated in crowdsourcing systems and result in a negative consequence through contributors’ interactions.

Vote manipulation is a form of co-destruction that can result from intentionally biasing a rating. In Wikipedia, co-destruction can happen for example as a result of blanking pages or inserting unrelated content to the page by a group of people.

Our ultimate goal is to provide guidance when setting up crowdsourcing systems that prevent co- destruction or detect it before it becomes problematic.

Research activities

As a VRES student you will assist the research team by extracting real-life data sets.

As a research student (Honours, Masters) you may develop algorithms that can provide a detection /mitigation mechanism for a particular co-destruction pattern in crowdsourcing systems such as Wikipedia and GitHub.


As a result of finishing this project, you will need to:

  • extract a relevant information from a crowdsourcing platform using API that would help detect co-destruction patterns
  • provide an algorithm for detection/mitigation of a particular co-destruction pattern occurring in crowdsourcing systems.


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