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Dr Kenan Degirmenci
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Faculty of Science


This project aims to address a key obstacle to climate action: intergenerational discounting, a phenomenon that explains the tendency for people to prefer smaller benefits for themselves now, rather than larger benefits for future generations. Intergenerational discounting becomes even more problematic due to a growing global population and increasingly intensive use of natural resources.

In this project, we follow the design science approach and aim to establish design principles necessary for decision modelling to overcome intergenerational discounting and achieve genuine and lasting behavior change toward sustainable organisational choices. The expected outcome of this project is to create a decision model simulation that transforms the way organisations engage in sustainable behaviors.

Research activities

This project involves:

  • designing and developing decision modelling in intergenerational discounting
  • communicating the findings in academic and/or professional publications.


The expected outcomes are dependent on the scope of the research and may include:

  • systematic literature review analysis
  • conceptual design and prototype development of a decision model
  • decision model and notation (DMN) simulation to evaluate case examples.

Skills and experience

This research requires one or more of the following skills:

  • decision modelling
  • design science research
  • sustainable organisational behaviour.


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