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Dr Kenan Degirmenci
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science
Professor Arthur ter Hofstede
Principal Research Fellow
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


Data quality informs organisations about (1) how well data is built regarding the number of times that the data fails to meet stated requirements, and (2) how usable the data is in terms of the reliability of the data in a specific context. It has been demonstrated that Decision Model and Notation (DMN), a standard of the Object Management Group (2022), enables the assessment of data quality based on the evaluation of business rules, and supports the automation of the required actions to improve decision-making on the potential use of the data (Valencia-Parra et al., 2021).

This project aims to analyse the role of data quality in various industries, such as the IT, finance, energy, or urban sector, using the DMN approach. It is situated within QUT’s School of Information Systems and Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology (BEST), where you can expect excellent support and mentoring.


Research activities

This research involves one or more of the following activities:

  • reviewing the academic literature on decision modelling and data quality
  • designing and developing a decision model in various contexts such as IT, finance, energy, or urban planning
  • applying existing theories to solve real-world problems
  • communicating the findings in academic and/or professional publications.


The expected outcomes are dependent on the scope of the research and may include the following:

  • structured and systematic literature review
  • conceptual design and prototype development of a decision model
  • case study analysis on real-world decision-making in the management of data quality
  • DMN simulation to evaluate case examples.

Skills and experience

This research requires one or more of the following skills:

  • fundamental knowledge of information systems and business analysis
  • high ambition to complete a research project within a given time frame
  • strong interest in developing skills in theoretical, computational, and empirical research
  • strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills.


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If you are interested to apply for this research project, email Dr Kenan Degirmenci including your CV, academic transcripts, theses/publications, and your motivational statement for the project.