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Dr Kanika Goel
Associate Lecturer
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Faculty of Science


Data is the new asset for organisations. Due to technological developments, organisations are faced with insurmountable amount of data. Analysis of this data provides endless transformative opportunities and contributes to the organisation's strategic decision making. However, the challenge is to derive maximum value from data.

Data governance refers to a collection of practices and processes that enables an organisation to manage its internal and external data. Data governance assists in formulation of a corporate wide program that assists in making data fit for purpose.

Managing data is equally important for process mining, a specialised form of data-driven process analytics, which focusses on analysing behaviour of processes from event logs. This project will look at understanding data governance requirements for process mining.

Research activities

This project will involve:

  • a literature review to understand data governance considerations for process mining
  • analysing event logs to understand data governance considerations for process mining
  • identifying principles underlying data governance for process mining.


Potential outcomes include an understanding of:

  • key requirements that an organisation needs to have in place to govern data for process mining
  • how organisations can assess the data governance maturity for process mining.

Skills and experience

Some prior experience with process mining.


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