Customer experience measure from existing network performance data

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Master of Philosophy

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Associate Professor Ashish Bhaskar
Associate Professor in Civil Engineering
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty
Professor Alexander Paz
Professor and TMR Chair
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


Current metrics for road performance relates primarily to the operational performance of the asset, not the customer experience. However, to support the Department of Transport and Main Road’s (TMR) aspirations as a customer-centric organization there is an opportunity to supplement our performance measures to provide a better understanding of the customer’s journey experience.

Furthermore, there are different types of customers and, to deliver an improved customer experience, an understanding of the factors relating to their individual level of stress needs to be better understood.

The objectives of this project include:

  • exploring the use of existing datasets for development of the measure(s) of customer journey experience
  • developing and documenting a methodology for the estimation of the measure/s
  • implementing the methodology through a software application developed with tools that can be used by TMR
  • using the methodology to estimate the measure(s) and validate the results
  • providing a report, presentation and demonstration of how to use the software developed in this project to estimate the measure(s).

Research activities

As part of the research project, you will be involved in:

  • undertaking a literature review of customer experience measures related to customer journeys
  • developing a methodology to estimate or quantify the measure/s.
  • implement the methodology through software to quantify customer journey experience on the state-controlled road network
  • identify key insights
  • provide a presentation of the results, recommendation for future research and a demonstration of how to use the methodology with TMR data.


As a result of this project, we expect the following outcomes:

  • literature review
  • methodology for assessing the individual customer experience
  • report outlining analysis and/or research
  • documented software.


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