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Associate Professor Emilie Sauret
Associate Professor
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Liquid marbles are liquid droplets coated with super-hydrophobic particles. They possess interesting properties such as the ability to contain liquid content without wetting surfaces and enhanced elasticity.

Numerous experimental studies on liquid marbles and their properties have already been reported in the literature. For example, novel microfluidic applications, miniature bioreactors and gas sensing mechanisms. Despite plenty of experimental work, there is limited computational modelling investigations of liquid marbles represented in literature.

A successful numerical model would be able to derive new insights while aiding the experimental studies.

Research activities

In this project you will:

  • attempt to develop an innovative computational model for liquid marbles using fundamentals of physics and engineering, with the use of mathematical modelling concepts, computer programming and high-performance computing facilities (super computers)
  • evaluate different numerical modelling methods based on their effectiveness and efficiency to model different physical and chemical aspects relevant to liquid marbles.


The aim of this project is to develop a computational model that can effectively and efficiently approximate the true behaviour of liquid marbles in terms of their morphology, multiphase phenomena and other physicochemical properties.


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