Computational modelling of fluid flows at the microscale

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Master of Philosophy


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Associate Professor Emilie Sauret
Associate Professor
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Computer modelling techniques are key to develop fundamental understanding of the flow physics at the microscale. Miniaturising devices, in particular for biology and bio-engineering applications become crucial to realise the full potential of those devices. Numerical techniques will play a pivotal role in achieving such optimal miniaturisation through improving our understanding of the flow phenomena at those scales and optimising those devices.

Research activities

Develop computational models for the prediction of flows at the microscale.


The computational models developed will be used to improve our understanding of flow phenomena such as mixing of multi-component mixtures in microfluidic devices or diffusion and transport in porous biomaterials.

Skills and experience

  • The candidate is expected to have strong interests in computational modelling, bio-engineering and microfluidics.
  • Background in fluid mechanics, fluid dynamics, computer modelling, and programming is preferable but not mandatory.


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