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Dr Kanika Goel
Associate Lecturer
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Faculty of Science


Process mining is a specialised form of data-driven process analytics, which aims at uncovering process behaviour from event logs. Process mining has proved its application across a range of industries such as finance, retail, healthcare, and education. Process mining encompasses a family of techniques related to process discovery, performance analysis, conformance checking, and variant process mining.

This project deals with the fourth category, variant process mining. Variant process mining techniques help business analysts to understand why and how multiple variants of a process differ. A process variant is a subset of executions of a business process that can be distinguished from others based on some characteristic. In particular, the project will deal with learning existing variant process mining techniques and build on them.

Research activities

The research activities include:

  • a review of existing variant process mining techniques
  • application of variant process mining techniques to event logs
  • exploring visualisations of current variant process mining techniques and understanding the questions they aim to answer.


The project outcomes include:

  • a review of existing variant process mining techniques
  • identifying research gaps in the area of variant process mining
  • an understanding of how variant process mining techniques can be used in industry.


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