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Professor Scott Bryan
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Faculty of Science
Dr David Gust
Research Associate
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Faculty of Science


This project is to assist a current MPhil project investigating the physical volcanology and evolution of the Coalstoun Lakes Volcanic Field and Barambah Creek lava flow between Gayndah and Biggenden in southeast Queensland.

The volcanic eruptions were anomalously young (~600,000 years old) and the volcanic field now supports a valuable local agricultural industry. Groundwater is a valuable resource to support the agricultural industry. Lava fields can have high permeability and act as important aquifers.

The aim of this project is to make use of a wealth of groundwater bores and well information to map out basaltic lava flows in the subsurface and provide constraints on aquifer location(s), geometry and relationships to lava flow stratigraphy to help guide groundwater management in the region.

It is hoped the results will have significant beneficial impact to the local agricultural industry.

Research activities

Research activities include:

  • collation of well completion reports and extraction of relevant data
  • developing maps of lava thicknesses and acquifer location/characteristics
  • interpretation of relationship between lava field architecture and aquifers.


Outcomes will include:

  1. Generating maps of the subsurface distribution and architecture of lava flows in the Coalstoun Lakes volcanic field.
  2. Developing new constraints on acquifers to guide groundwater resource management.

Skills and experience

You are encouraged to apply if:

  • you have good spatial science skills
  • you have an interest in volcanology, stratigraphy or groundwater.


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