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  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours
  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Dr Reihaneh Bidar
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The focus of this project is on “crowd-based organisations” which are rapidly assembled organisations composed of online crowd workers to achieve complex goals.

Currently, organisations use crowdsourcing strategies such as microtasking to enable goals that are so simple and modular and can be pre-defined.  For example, major companies such as IBM, HP, and Oracle, have invested in Open Source Software (OSS) platforms and this allows them to harness collective intelligence through what are essentially crowdsourced activities (OSS software contributions). However, understanding crowd-based organisations as a new form of organisation is still poorly understood.

The aim of this project is to understand the structure of emerging crowd-based organisations and how they may differ from traditional organisations and labour models.

Research activities

  • Studying the academic literature on crowdsourcing models in the organisation setting
  • systematic literature review
  • conducting empirical research into crowdsourcing models (e.g., case studies, surveys, interviews) (Masters).


The objective of this research is to provide insights into emerging crowd-based organisations.

  • You will provide a review on characteristics and structure of crowd-based organisations, and the transformation of traditional organisations driven by crowd-based models
  • you will model the structure of crow-based organisations
  • you will provide practical insights that can support organisations transforming towards crowd-based models
  • high quality journal and conference papers are expected from the research findings.

Skills and experience

  • Good understanding of qualitative and/or quantitative research
  • good communication and writing skills.


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