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Dr Mardi McNeil
Visiting Fellow
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Faculty of Science
Dr Luke Nothdurft
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


The southern extent of the modern Great Barrier Reef (GBR) marks the transition from tropical to subtropical ocean conditions. The shelf edge and upper slope in this vast area of the southern GBR were poorly mapped when compared to the north. Very little systematic multibeam seafloor mapping had been done in the southern GBR with most datasets collected opportunistically while in transit.

New bathymetry, backscatter data, and sediments samples extend our understanding of eastern Australia’s palaeoshorelines and provide a basis for further investigating the southern GBR in relation to coastal geomorphology, sea level dynamics, reef growth and demise, sediment transport, benthic habitats and potential sites of human occupation during periods of lower sea level.

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A combination of laboratory and desktop studies will be undertaken. This is part of a larger collaborative project.

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Earth or environmental science background preferred.


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