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  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours


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Mr Anthony Ariyanayagam
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering
Professor Mahen Mahendran
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering


This project will investigate the structural bushfire performance of lightweight and fire resistant cement based blocks and wall panels. This includes axial compression tests and fire resistance tests of individual blocks currently available in the industry. The performance will be summarized based on the raw materials and the mix proportion of the blocks.

Research activities

As part of the research project, you'll be involved in:

  • reviewing the existing wall panel configurations for bushfire resistance structures/shelters
  • conducting experimental study on new bushfire resistant blocks, including 
    • casting blocks using lightweight and fire resistance materials
    • conducting axial compression tests and small scale fire resistance tests.
  • Summariaing and comparing the experimental results with available bushfire resistant wall panel configurations.


As a result of this project, we expect to discover axial compressive strength and fire resistance rating data for new bushfire resistance and lightweight wall panels.


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