Bus rapid transit operation with connected autonomous vehicles

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Master of Philosophy

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Associate Professor Jonathan Bunker
Associate Professor
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Methodologies exist to evaluate the capacity and quality of service of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) facilities. However these methodologies are based on manual control of buses including line-of-site operation. This project will improve upon existing methodologies to be able to evaluate capacity and quality of service of BRT facilities with buses operating as connected autonomous vehicles.

Research activities

The Master of Philosophy or PhD student will first examine the state of the art in BRT capacity and quality of service evaluation, along with the progress in development of buses as CAVs. The student will then improve upon existing methodologies by examining and accommodating the differences in operation between traditional buses and CAV buses on BRT facilities.


The main aim of this project is to improve existing methodologies to evaluate capacity of Bus Rapid Transit facilities to accommodate buses as Connected Autonomous Vehicles.

Skills and experience

First or Second Class Division A degree in engineering, mathematical sciences, or information systems.


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